YQ 2022 Feedback

Although Youth Quake in February is a time-honoured Briercrest tradition, hosting over a thousand teenagers during the winter semester has posed an increased challenge in recent years.

Instead of one weekend for grades 8–12, the retreat is expanding to two weekends—a new retreat for junior youth (grades 7–9) and one for senior youth (grades 10–12). Instead of February, both retreats will be taking place in early May.

2021 was a long year full of change, but with the change came some pretty cool opportunities. We’ll continue to develop YQatHome content and we are excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead for YQ22. 

We’re also excited to share the reasons for the new change with you and hear back from you, our YQ community! If you have feedback you’d like to share, please let us know using the form below.