Feb. 14 - 16 2020

Graeme Jones, Djing, and Why are you just standing there?

Posted: May 29, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In episode three of The Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ chat with Graeme Jones from Mordan Alliance Church about different ways to normalize a zoom youth group night with virtual backgrounds, the benefits of doing a zoom war, and work through the difficulties of having so much to do online. Kait and AJ also discuss what new career path AJ's daughter Brooklyn has in mind, share a memory from Kait's first year on the YQ student team and ask the question "why are you just standing there?".

Show Notes

Our Favourite Quote of the Episode: "Why are you just standing there?"

Key Episode Times: 

  • 1:06 Intro banter with Kait and AJ begins. 
  • 2:28 AJ Quote "Well here's the thing, I'm not printing off all these terrible photo's she's taking…" 
  • 3:30 Full description on what a "DJ Book" is. 
  • 5:43 Interview with Graeme Jone's begins.
  • 7:06 Graeme's favourite memory of Kait on the YQ team. 
  • 8:36 Favourite Quote of the Episode. 
  • 10:12 Graeme's most effective strategy during Covid. 
  • 11:45 Graeme's virtual background explanation 
  • 12:40 Graeme's Zoom War explanation 
  • 20:20 Graeme's changes from week one to week five
  • 20:50 Graeme's PowerPoint Presentation explanation 
  • 25:00 Graeme's mention of Sid Koops article on Briercrest.ca 
  • 26:58 Graeme's favourite memory from YQ2020 


Graeme's Tips for a better Zoom experience! 

  • Zoom Wars: 
    • Creative Challenges, games, and competitions. Both over zoom and on their own. 
      • PowerPoint Presentation Challenge: Each small group had 15 minutes to create a PowerPoint presentation on anything. The entire group comes back together and presents their creation. Have different categories for rating each PowerPoint and the small group with the highest points wins the challenge! 
  • Something to look forward to:
    • Ultimate Zoomer - When the group is able to meet again they will have the Zoom War final and whoever wins will be crowned Zoom Kings or Queens. 
  • Zoom Backgrounds:
    • Graeme uses pictures of the youth room at their church to make the surroundings more familiar during their zoom youth nights. He uses a virtual blackboard with a custom welcome message for when his youth first log on, then throughout the night changes depending on the activities. During the message they are back in their comfy youth room, during the game they move into the gymnasium, and so much more! Learn how to customize your backgrounds with help from the zoom support page! 
  • https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Virtual-Background


Graeme's Group is currently using: 

Mentioned throughout the Podcast: 

Graeme's mention: https://prochurchtools.com

Sid Koop's Article:

Graeme's picture of the famous bus:


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