Feb. 14 - 16 2020

Joe Dueck, Shopping, and Isolation Olympics

Posted: June 26, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In episode Eight of The Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ have a conversation with Joe Dueck from Joe's Place, the drop in center in Moose Jaw, SK. During the conversation Joe shares all of his teams unique ideas for staying connected to the youth and greater community of Moose Jaw. Joe has been investing in the youth of Moose Jaw since 1993, longer than Kait's been alive, and we are so thankful to hear how COVID-19 didn't stop his team from following their mission. Joe's place comes to Youth Quake every year and always have such amazing testimony to the work God is doing in and through the youth and volunteers at Joe's. Kait and AJ also have a surprise conversation with Sid Koop and share another artist they think you should check out.

Show Notes

Quote of the Episode: "You don't have to be crazy to work here, we will teach you!"

Key Episode Times: 

0:43 - Start of episode!

0:44 - Kait shares her story of shopping for a skateboard.

3:34 - Aj shares that he is now inspired to start skateboarding again.

3:45 - Should AJ and Brooklyn get matching skateboards? Go vote on our Instagram story!

4:40 - Kait and AJ share their frustrations with air conditioners...

5:10 - AJ reminds everyone that Kait grew up on the farm...again...

6:11 - AJ introduces guest Joe Dueck!

6:40 - Joe's Place has been running since 1993, over 25 years! Click here to check it out!

8:25 - Kait shares an embarrassing story that happened to her at the grocery store… not uncommon.

9:10 - Joe shares some treasures that he has in his office.

9:55 - Quote of the episode and Joe's Place motto: "You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we'll teach you."

10:22 - Joe shares what it's been like to serve the youth of moose jaw during COVID-19.

13:00 - Joe shares some of the ideas his whole staff team came up with for the youth to participate in throughout COVID-19, including the isolation Olympics. Check out pictures and video's here

15:30 - Joe shares how much the community came together to help support all their events.

15:50 One of the prizes was a T.V.! Check out Joe's Place Instagram here for the video!

16:32 - Joe walks through how they have changed their normal weekly events to new online options.

18:00 - Check out Joe's Place kids participating in their Online Ukulele lessons here!

20:20 - Joe shares their May 4th reverse parade with the community of Moose Jaw! Check out pictures of the event here!

23:16 - Joe shares how they connect with their youth through their online server. Check out "discord" here!

27:00 - Joe shares their teams plans for the summer!

29:50 - Joe shares his favourite memory from YQ2020. Check out our instagram for some pictures of the Joe's Place Booth at YQ!

34:02 - Joe shares a memory from way back in the YQ Archives and AJ's first year as director! Check out what their talking about here!

36:45 - Kait and AJ say goodbye to Joe and hello to Sid Koop!

37:00 - Sid wants to know what shoes AJ is wearing... Classic!

37:52 - Kait disappoints the audience with her shoe game… broken old Birkenstocks.

38:40 - Kait and AJ say goodbye to Sid and AJ lets Kait know all the ways Sid has been involved in YQ in the past!

38:50 - AJ's artist suggestion: Gabel Price and Friends! Check them out here!

39:00 - Everyone check out the Good Christian Music Blog on Spotify here!

40:10 - Check out AJ's favourite singles: Deadman / Awestruck Revival / Communion / Underdressed

40:45 - Episode ends!

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