Feb. 14 - 16 2020

Jordan Culham, Gardening, and AJ talks bands

Posted: June 9, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In Episode Four of The Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ talk to Jordan Culham from Estanvan Alliance church about small group leaders stepping up in this season and how thankful everyone is to have such great youth volunteers. He emphasizes connection over content and the importance of reaching out to our youth. Kait and AJ also discuss Kait's gardening plans and AJ's plans to move a shed.

Show Notes

Quote of the Episode:  "Students don’t care what you know, until they know that you care."

Key Episode Times:

0:37 - The conversation on moving AJ's shed begins

2:26 - Kait says, "Look at this thing"... check out what it was here!

3:44 - Kait starts talking about gardening

6:00 - Interview with Jordan Culham begins

6:40 - Jordan shares about the 'Rescue Packages' his church made for their youth and children's ministry

8:50 - Jordan shares about his groups experience with online youth through Zoom Groups

9:30 - Jordan talks about how Estavan has been doing during this season

11:20 - Jordan shares about the success of online church for his congregation

14:10 - Aj talks about the change in church engagement since the start of this season

17:15 - Jordan shares about the shift in prayer before services for not just their space but peoples households

18:38 - Kait shares about an experience she had with her small group over zoom

20:12 - AJ asks what changes Jordan's group has gone through since the start of this season

21:05 - Jordan shares about his youth leaders stepping up and reaching out to their small groups

22:25 - Jordan Quote, - "Students don’t care what you know, until they know that you care."

23:00 - Jordan shares about the transformation of his small group leaders through this season.

24:30 - AJ talks about the changes coming for Youth Ministry. What's effective and what's actually needed.

25:27 - Jordan talks about students owning their faith

26:15 - Kait talks about the consistency she's seen in the group leaders and their success in small groups.

26:39 - Jordan shares a few of his groups favourite memories from YQ20

27:36 - Jordan talks about his favourite dorm to stay in for Youth Quake and a secret activity his group does every year.

28:06 - Jordan recalls his favourite moment for one particular youth during YQ

30:24 - Jordan comments on why he loves retreats and camps for not only his youth, but everyone.

32:17 - AJ introduces a new segment for the podcast

33:46 - AJ talks about the first potential artist for YQ21 - check out Hulvey here!

35:08 - Episode ends

Check out the new playlist featuring the artists we mention on the podcast on our Spotify!

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