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Nikki Ragush, Slacklining, and Birthday Parades

Posted: June 12, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In Espisode Four of The Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ chat with Nikki Ragish from Brandon Alliance Church about how important established relationships were before this season, the impact seemingly small gestures can have, and how many elastic bands fit around a watermelon before it explodes. Kait and AJ also talk about Kait potentially teaching Brooklyn to Slack-line and AJ shares some thoughts on Slackliner habits that annoy him.

Show Notes

Quote of the Episode: “Dollarama threw up on our cars...” 

Key Episode Times: 

0:32 - Episode starts

0:41 - Kait starts to talk about slacklining and AJ starts talking about slackliner habits

2:48 - Interview with Nikki Ragush begins

4:10 - Nikki shares about the strong relationships between her youth leaders and youth

6:00 - Nikki breaks down her groups strategy 

6:48 - Nikki shares about their groups Birthday Parades

9:00 - Nikki talks about the changes her group has gone through during this season

10:25 - Nikki’s group has different games and challenges where the winners receive slushies 

13:45 - Nikki shares her and her groups favourite memory from YQ20 

16:44 - Kaits favourite memory is hearing all the stories of people preparing for bad food all weekend and then being pleasantly surprised. 

19:21 - AJ shares another new artist to check out - Josh Gauton 

20:43 - AJ starts talking about Kait’s gardening again 

21:40 - End of episode 


Nikki’s Group is currently using: 

Game Idea’s from Nikki: 

  • Where in the world is?
    • Take pictures around town and have the students guess where exactly they are
  • Random Challenges: whoever can throw something the furthest
    • Nikki then makes  a video compilation with all the submissions
  • Cooking with Nikki 
  • Baking with Nikki 
  • Watermelon Challenge
    • sorry there's no video from Kait…

 Extra’s From the Episode: 

AJ's artist suggestion: 

  • Josh Gauton Spotify - here
  • Josh's webiste - here
  • YQ Spotify Playlist - here

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