Feb. 14 - 16 2020

OJ the DJ, Cereal, and Amy Grant

Posted: June 18, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In episode six of The Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ have a catch-up conversation with Oj the DJ from Toronto, ON and chat about what has changed for Oje during this season. During the conversation they discuss favorite T.V shows, favorite cereal, favorite video games, and how the simple hangouts can lead to the best and most impactful conversations. Kait and AJ also figured out how to spice up these episodes with catchy theme music. 

Show Notes

Key Episode Times: 

0:50 Episode begins 

1:35 AJ shares his heart about Oje leaving after every YQ 

2:50 Oje shares how he’s doing while being 98% extraverted during COVID 

4:00 Oje talks about what he’s been up to and how he feels about DJing over instagram live (if you haven't checked it out, you should!)

5:00 AJ tells Oje about Brooklyn's dreams of DJing and sends pictures of her DJ book, check out our instagram for the pictures

6:00 DJ kit suggested by Oje here (becuase we know you want one) 

8:30 Check out our instagram for a video of Livy pulling Brooklyn on the zipline 

9:30 Kait reminds the listener that NewGirl is back on Netflix 

10:00 Oje and Aj talk about loving the show Community

11:10 Oje shares while he eats his Harvet Crunch Cereal (Check out our instagram for Oje's list of "Top Ten Cereal")

12:30 Did you know Ontario uses bags for their milk and not milk jugs? Click here to find out why.

13:00 Oje thinks dolphins can use milk bags as floatation devices … 

13:50 In case you don't know how ... here's saskatchewans regulations on recycling  

14:30 Kait’s father Lorne is a farmer just outside of Humboldt, Sk. You can check out cute pictures of his cows on our instagram!

15:44 Oje thinks Kait and AJ are just like Troy and Abed in the morning

16:20 Check out our instagram for the TikTok of Kait creating a Cineplex experience for her friends during COVID

17:30 Amy Grant from the 90’s helps intro the first question for Oje. Check out more of her songs here.

18:30 AJ can’t play guitar but he can drum (and he does not want you to know it).

19:00 AJ tells a story from his plumbing days...

19:20 Question: Is Oje the only christian male who can’t play guitar? 

19:50 Oje shares what he believes has been one of the most effective strategies during COVID. 

21:30 We talk about Animal Crossing again... here's the game! 

26:00 Oje shares how COVID has changed his routine 

28:20 Oje has been mentoring more students during this time which he loves!

29:00 Here's the Netflix party Chrome Extension 

29:40 Last question for Oje on what his favourite memory is from YQ20. 

29:50 Check out our instagram for the video of Kait and Oje's handshake

30:00 Kait and Oje do a virtual handshake

30:35 Oje remembers how awesome the 3on3 Basketball tournament was, check out our IGTV for the highlight video!

31:15 Oje talks about Youth Group Time and how it’s one of his favourite moments to watch during the weekend 

32:00 Oje shares his first memory of YQ and how amazing he thought our kickoff games were (Who rememebers Noah's Ark?)

32:55 AJ tries to say goodbye to Oje...Fails... 

33:15 Oje argues about the weather in Saskatchewan vs. Ontario... 

33:46 Interview with Oje is officially over!

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