Feb. 14 - 16 2020

Covid Season, Backyards and Skateboarding with Brooklyn.

Posted: April 30, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In Episode One of The Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ share what they have been up to during this Covid season, what new item AJ has installed in his backyard and what new skill Kait is attempting to learn. They also discuss what's to come for the first season of the podcast, what resources they have seen youth ministries using during this time, and how thankful they are for YQ2020.

Show Notes

Favourite Quote of the episode: "Yeah, I don’t know, I just walk aimlessly."

Key Episode Times:

1:08: Kait and AJ share what they have been up to during these "Covid times."

5:45: Kait and AJ share why they are doing The Youth Quake podcast.

10:35: Kait and AJ share how thankful they are for YQ2020.

13:11: Kait and AJ share more about YQ Planning and what to expect.

14:20: Kait and AJ share what some resources they have seen throughout Covid.

19:43: Kait and AJ share their thoughts on how well groups making key changes so fast and so effectively.

23:30: Kait and AJ's hope for the Podcast.

24:20: Kait and AJ are excited to share more about the planning process for Youth Quake.

24:46: Kait and AJ share what they will be doing with the rest of their day.

Some resources being used during Covid:

Make sure to check out our Blooper Reel for Episode One: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAsq9TlgcFk/ 

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