About Youth Quake

This year’s YQ team is small but mighty.

With new YQ director Kait Giddings and interns, Ava, Adam, Caleb, and Emma, YQ@Home will hopefully be the YQ experience you know and love all from the safety of your home.

Kait and her four interns have worked diligently to provide all aspects of YQ@Home package for you and your group to enjoy throughout the month of February. This year of prep has looked much different (with much less paint & poly), but has included a lot more creativity. The YQ team is excited for you to participate in YQ@Home and engage with every aspect in some way to make the most of your experience. We know this past year has been consistent in change but we want to provide stability in your programing for the whole month of February.

Kait is excited for you to experience Youth Quake in a whole new way and hopes YQ@Home feels like YQ has come to you.




  • Kait Giddings


    Kait began her Briercrest journey in 2014 when she moved to Vacouver Island, BC to attend the Kaleo program at Camp Qwanoes. She then continued to study on campus in Caronport, SK  towards a BA in Psychology. In her first year on campus she joined the YQ student team and began her Youth Quake journey. In the years following she continued to study for both Psychology and Youth Quake. Kait went from student team member, to YQ intern, to YQ 'super' intern, to YQ Coordinator, to assistant Director of YQ, to now serving as Director of Youth Quake. Kait is honored to be serving in this role at Briercrest for the mission of Youth Quake and is excited for the opportunity she has before her.


  • Adam Izzard


    1. Favourite vegetable: Celery or cucumber. Basically anything 90% water.
    2. If you could be an animal, which one: Killer Whale
    3. Go to movie: Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed
    4. Favourite food group: Meat
    5. Originally from: Manitoba

  • Emma Fulawka


    1. Favourite body part: My Teeth
    2. Greatest accomplishment: Scoring a game winning goal in soccer with my butt
    3. How many times have you moved: 4
    4. Word you say most often: "DUUUUDE"
    5. Fun fact: I've eaten cow brain

  • Ava Bueckert


    1. Favourite vegetable: Beans even though they're really a legume
    2. Favourite body part: My Eyes
    3. Myers-Briggs: ISFJ but my E and I are always 49% and 51% so do with that what you will
    4. One word to describe yourself: Planning
    5. Go to movie: Does The Office count?

  • Caleb Rockel


    1. Fav Body Part: Thumbs
    2. Greatest Achievement: Riding the Incredicoaster at Disneyland even though I hate rollercoasters.
    3. Fun Fact: I was the last baby born in the Uranium City hospital.
    4. Go to Movie: Fantastic Mr Fox
    5. Favourite Food Group: Candy (Does that count?)