February 2021

About Youth Quake

Looks like a festival, feels like a retreat

It feels like a retreat because we have one speaker, one worship band, and one theme that drives our teaching throughout all the main sessions. It's youth group focused where your group will stay together in our dorms and eat together in our dining hall. Also, after each main session you'll meet with your group for "Youth Group Time" where you can discuss the message with your students and reconnect as a group. This lends itself to a common experience that brings people together and helps deepen relationships.

While the retreat aspects provide so much, YQ is also much more than your average youth group retreat. With 1800+ people from across Canada, YQ has an incredible energy to it. With a mix of concerts, breakout sessions, activities, and our four main sessions, YQ becomes a perfect combination of festival and retreat. Join us this February for a weekend you won't forget!



For the last 56 years God has been using Youth Quake to change lives.

Hosted and organized by Briercrest College & Seminary, Youth Quake is a very intentional event with concerts, speakers and the central focus of the event. In recent years, the intentionality has been on full display and the reputation of the event has grown leaps and bounds.


  • AJ Crocker

    AJ Crocker

    Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment

    My first experience at YQ was rocking out to Petra in ’94 from the back row of the Hildebrand Chapel. I was in Grade 4 and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe there were so many other people who loved Jesus and had so much fun.  The Lord planted a big dream that night.

    After attending YQ each year in high school, I chose to study Youth Ministry here at Briercrest. A big part of choosing Briercrest was the hope of getting to help plan Youth Quake. To get to help throw a world-class party that helps students understand how to follow Jesus was the dream.

    It is now 16 years later, and I’m still living that dream. I am so thankful for this school allowing me to learn so much about leadership, ministry and Jesus through leading YQ. As I move into more of an oversight role, it is my absolute joy to empower my gifted friends that you see on this page. Making space for them to use their passions, skills, ideas and gifts to help a new generation of YQ’ers follow Jesus is a new chapter of the dream.

    At YQ in Grade 11, I sat in the chapel after the Saturday night session with my (at-the-time future) wife, Cheryl, as she responded to the Lord. All these years later, she continues to be my biggest support and partner in this ministry that is so dear to our hearts. Can’t wait until our daughters Brooklyn and Alivia and our son Cayden can jump into the YQ mosh-pit.

    Over the years serving here at Briercrest, I’ve been able to do a few other things too. I was able to lead the building a discipleship program in the High school, travel the country as a youth speaker, and more recently appointed to executive lead in our marketing and recruitment teams. I really do love Jesus, my family, Briercrest, sneakers, finding new music, eating fancy burgers, my dog Rocky and the Leafs.   

  • Kaitlin Giddings

    Kaitlin Giddings

    Assistant Director of YQ

    Kait first arrived on Briercrest's campus for Experience Briercrest back in 2013 when she found herself intrigued by the school and Youth Quake. She attended Youth Quake and was blown away by every aspect of the event. While on campus she also learnt of the outdoor leadership program Briercrest offered called Kaléo, and knew this is where she wanted to spend her first year as a Briercrest student. Now, Kait is a recent graduate of Briercrest College with a BA in Psychology and still kicking around campus. You might be asking yourself why a Psychology grad is currently working as the Assistant Director of Youth Quake, and rightly so. During Kait's four years on Briercrest campus she became actively involved with Youth Quake while completing her degree. In her first year she volunteered as a student team member, became a YQ intern in her second, and then became the second 'super intern' the following year. During Kait's last year as a student, AJ approached her with the role of Youth Quake Coordinator to keep her around campus and working for YQ full time. This full time role continued and expanded into her current role as Assistant Director. Kait is so excited to still be working along side such an amazing ministry that greatly impacted her and her faith while in highschool and brought her to where she is now.

  • Jen Warren

    Jen Warren

    VIP Guest Coordinator & Stage Manager

    Fun Fact: the reason Jen Warren finds herself on campus 17 years after leaving her home town of Montreal, QC, is because of Youth Quake. YQ99, to be exact. Petra and Newsboys and a mad crush on DownHere’s drummer. Her first visit to campus ended up leaving a lasting impression. She is a 2006 grad of BCS and has been hanging around backstage ever since. Jen has been working with Youth Quake for over a decade and sees many more YQs in her future. She works all year round in guest coordination, making sure all of the VIPs are taken care of. Come the weekend of YQ, she puts on her Stage Management hat and works closely with our Tech Crew on the main stage. But really, her title should read “Keeps AJ Running on Time”. Jen is passionate about the impact that Youth Quake can make on a teen, as she experienced it herself and credits the development of her faith to the education and community she found at Briercrest as a result.

  • Corinne Bachmann

    Corinne Bachmann

    Event Coordinator

    Corinne might be a newbie in the the Events Department, but she's looking forward to learning all the stuff that happens behind the scenes of YQ. Her super power is multi-tasking, so you may see her flying from one venue to the next ready to serve. Corinne and her family have lived in Caronport for 6 years and even though she has never attended YQ, she has sent 3 of her kids to YQ and her oldest son is currently a YQ intern.


  • Colin Bovingdon

    Colin Bovingdon

    Hey Guys, my name is Colin, I am currently in my 4th year of Christian Ministry here at Briercrest. I was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. I am the construction and design intern for the Youth Quake team this year and I am so stoked to get to bring the ideas we have for YQ2020 to life. What I'm most excited for are some building projects that Kait and I have been planning that I cannot wait for you to get to enjoy (but I'm not sure if I can tell you about them yet). A large part of me wanting to be a YQ team member this year is formed from two areas; getting to help out last year, and the past three years working in the boys' high school dorm at Briercrest. getting to help out with the team last year was a great experience, not only did I get to see lots of what went on behind the scenes to prepare for this event but also the need for someone who has building skills. Getting to work with my hands doing construction projects is something I love to do and is a form of worship for me. Getting to work in the high school dorm for the past three years has taught me to enjoy high school students and just how much fun they can be, so getting to be a part of one of the biggest parties in western Canada for youth is something I am very excited for.

  • Kara Dirks

    Kara Dirks

    I am Kara DIrks, a 4th year student in the Biblical Studies program at Briercrest. Through my studies in this program I have grown a love for the Biblical Texts and the world of Ancient Israel. My hometown is Calgary, but I spend the majority of my childhood living overseas. This is my first time that I will be involved in the planning and organising of Youthquake, but I have been a part of the "Here 4 You" team of student helpers for the last three years. Youthwuake has a very unique place in my life as a student at Briercrest, and while this role and its position is new both to me and to the school I am excited to be involved in this process. I am one of the Art and Design Interns for Youthquake. The creative process is what I am most looking foreward to and to have the oppourtunity to use my visual and creative gifts to make the physical space of Youthquake inviting, memorable, and fun to be in. I am looking foreward to being a part of this team that is able to make an event memorable in the lives of hundereds of Youth and Youth workers.

  • Alicia Opseth

    Alicia Opseth

    My name is Alicia Opseth and I am in my fourth year at Briercrest studing Psychology. YouthQuake is an integral part of my experience at Briercrest. Though I was not able to come as a youth to the event, it’s an event I’ve fallen in love with as a college student. As a freshman I joined the student team and that led to the opportunity to be a YouthQuake Intern during my second year. In my third year I took a step back from planning year-round for the event and instead hosted a duo performing during the weekend. It was such a cool experience to build relationships with artists and hear their hearts and see the weekend function in another way. With that being said, I seriously missed being part of YouthQuake throughout the year and asked Kait and AJ if I could be part of YouthQuake again for this year. Graciously, they said yes and that led to now, where I get to lead and serve alongside a group of crazy-skilled individuals who are loving the Lord and using their gifts for his glory. YouthQuake has been a continual highlight of my time at Briercrest, and I hope to give back to the weekend at least in part some of the love it’s given to me.

  • Rachel From

    Rachel From

    Hi! My name is Rachel From. I am a Caronport kid, born and raised. Growing up I remember that every February there was anticipation for Youth Quake. Even before I could attend, I loved to see all of the decorations and games and see the thousands of people on campus. Once I was old enough to attend, I loved the concerts, the energy, the time to hangout with friends, and to be pushed to dig deeper into my faith. My best YQ memory was getting to go to Britt Nicole’s concert, and I even got my CD signed! I am in my fourth and final year at Briercrest. I’ve spent the last four years studying philosophy in the Humanities Program, and I have loved every minute. However, it is an academically challenging program, so a lot of my time has been spent reading and writing. When the opportunity to be an intern was presented to me, I was thrilled! It was the perfect outlet for my creativity and administrative skills. But, more importantly, it was a way that I could practically serve. Briercrest has been so instrumental in shaping me into someone who does not just want to learn, but also wants to ‘do’. I can’t think of a better way to spend my last year than to put on a truly unforgettable weekend for thousands of Youth Quakers! I get to do this practically as the Program and Events Intern for Youth Quake. I get to plan and execute to make our dreams for the weekend a reality. Getting to work on a team has taught me that I don’t have to do it all or know it all. “Many hands makes for light work”, afterall! It has grown in me an appreciation for different skill sets and how every skill that each team member has to offer is needed. We all complement one another! It has also been a privilege to get to dream about what the weekend might be! I can’t wait for the weekend of YQ. Even though I will be tired, the excitement and anticipation will outweigh every long day of work that we’ve done to make it happen! I am also reaaaalllly excited for Michael’s Coffee--my favourite coffee on earth!

  • Zach Bachmann

    Zach Bachmann

    What’s up quake nation? I'm Zach Bachmann, a third year student at Briercrest college and the intern of media and design for youth quake this year. I am super pumped to see YQ come together this year and to get to check out our sick worship bands that we are bringing in for our Saturday night sessions! I got on board with the YQ team for two reasons. 1, I was a part of YQ on the road last year and loved getting a glimpse of all the people that are connected with YQ. 2, I got the chance to volunteer with YQ set up last year and had a blast getting our Campus ready for all of our YQers to show up. Both of those experiences played into wanting to get more involved with helping shape Youth Quake this year.

Road Crew

  • Will Dmytrow:

    Will Dmytrow:

    Hi, my name is William Dmytrow and I’m from Saskatoon, SK. I am in my second year of a BA in Christian Ministry. I decided to join the road crew because I’m passionate about spreading the gospel to youth and to do that for such an event like YQ is so thrilling to me! I’m so excited for all the kids who get the opportunity to hear the word of God and the work God is doing here at Briercrest!!!

  • Alison Behiel

    Alison Behiel

    Hey guys! My name is Alison and I am from the very small town of Muenster, Sask. I am currently in my third year of the Communications Disorders partnership program at Briercrest. I am a part of the YQ road crew, so I get to travel around and get people excited for Youth Quake! I joined the road crew team this year because I wanted to be more involved in the school and in YQ. I love Youth Quake and I look forward to it every year, so it is just a bonus that I get the opportunity to get other people excited for it too. I think the thing I am most excited for this year is to work alongside everyone on the YQ team to make this event unforgettable!

  • Ben Girgis

    Ben Girgis

    My name is Ben GIRGIS and I’m in YQ Road Crew. I’m in my third year in Christian Ministry with a focus on youth min and childhood studies. I grew up in Toronto, ON and am excited to meet all on our road trips heading to all the different youth groups!

  • Katelyn Behiel

    Katelyn Behiel

    Hi everyone! My name is Katelyn. I am from Muenster, SK and in my third year of study in the Education program at Briercrest/MSU. This year, I am part of the Road Crew for the Youth Quake team! This means I get to travel around to different churches and youth groups, hang out, and share a bit about this year’s YQ event. I am so excited for what this year’s YQ has in store, and I love being able to share those plans and get pumped with you all! I look forward to hopefully seeing familiar faces at the event and joining in on all the fun of YQ!

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