Feb. 14 - 16 2020

Josiah Johnson, The Last Dance, and Skateboarding

Posted: June 23, 2020
The Youth Quake Podcast

In episode seven of the Youth Quake Podcast Kait and AJ talk with Josiah Johnson from the Evangelical Free Church in Brooks, AB where he has faithfully served for the last 8 years. Josiah shared some insecurity he felt during the beginning of COVID season because he was so out of his element but gave great practical tools he used to get back to the roots of his mission for his ministry. He also talked about his skateboard ministry and Kait asked for some help in her skateboarding career and gave AJ the opportunity to talk about Tony Hawk. 

Show Notes


Quote of the Episode: “I do occasionally go to the skatepark and just want to learn my tricks and not have anyone get in my way...” 

Key Episode Times: 

0:45 - Episode officially starts!

0:58 - Kait is really confused about the Netflix show “The Last Dance”... AJ then explains it. 

4:06 - AJ intro’s Joisah Johnson to start the interview.

5:21 - Kait shares where she’s really at with her skateboarding. Check out our Instagram highlights for some of her latest videos!

9:00 - Josiah shares some advice for Kait to actually start progressing… just wipe out already. 

10:05 - Josiah goes through the history of his skateboarding career.

13:07 - Quote of the Episode!

13:22 - AJ brings Tony Hawk into the conversation… Check out our instagram for the video of Tony Hawk doing the 900. 

14:27 - AJ asks Josiah the first question about his ministry during COVID. 

15:20 - Josiah shares about his struggles during the beginning of COVID because he isn’t the “up front guy.” 

16:25 - Quick plug for Briercrest Seminary! Click here to find out more!

18:25 - Josiah shares a quote that now is the time to step back and really look at your ministry! 

19:25 - Josiah challenges us to not be reactive youth leaders but proactive. 

23:35 - Josiah lets us know what practical tools he used during this season

27:45 - AJ comments on Josiah’s skateboarding as flashy and we want you to see what he’s talking about. Check out our instagram highlights for some skateboarding content ft. Josiah. 

27:50 - Kait asks what has changed for Josiah’s group during this season. 

29:10 - More talk of Birthday parades!

31:15 - Josiah shares his favourite memories from YQ2020. He talks about AJ’s hair advice… 

32:27 - Should AJ have a podcast just for his hair? 

32:45 - Josiah talks about the time spent with his group over the weekend and the deep conversations that happen all throughout the weekend but especially late at night. 

36:30 - Who else is pumped that skateboarding is now in the Olympics? 

38:00 - End of episode!

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