• What will Youth Quake look like this year?

    Youth Quake will be a 4-week series that will be released throughout the month of February. The series will include 4 main talks, 4 worship sets, 8 youth seminars, 2 youth worker seminars, 4 live shows, 4 discussion guides, and 4 intern challenges. Access to this content will be available on our website starting February 1st.

  • What's happening in May?

    We have hopes and dreams of an in-person May event but we will focus more on that later!

  • How can we stay in the loop?

    Keep up to date with all things Youth Quake by following along on social media (IG & Facebook) or sign up to receive our Newsletter! Link Here.



  • What's the schedule for February?
    • January 31st
      Join us on Facebook for the Kickoff of YQ at Home on the YQ Show.
    • February 1st
      Week One of the series will be available here on the website. All content will be available for download so you can have easy access whenever you decide to use it.
    • February 7th
      Join us on Facebook for the kickoff of Week Two of YQ at Home.
    • February 8th
      Week Two of the series will be available on the website.
    • February 14th
      Join us on Facebook for the kickoff of Week Three of YQ at Home.
    • February 15th
      Week Three of the series will be available on the website.
    • February 21st
       Join us on Facebook for the kickoff of the final Week of YQ at Home.
    • February 22nd
      Week Four of the series will be available on the website.
    • February 28th
      Join us for a re-cap of YQ at Home and celebrate everything God has done!



  • Who should attend YQ at Home?

    Youth Quake is for students age 13 – 18 (but we encourage entire Youth Groups to go through YQ at Home together!)

  • How do I put on my own Youth Quake at Home?

    Our hope is to partner with leaders this year to help create the best experience possible for their youth groups and students who are interested in participating in Youth Quake at Home. We will be walking with you through the planning process to ensure that you have everything you need to put on a great, life-changing event in your context. Before you can put on your event, you must REGISTER.

    Registration numbers must include both leaders & students.

    REMINDER: Please make sure to follow the given COVID protocols provided in your area. 


  • What is the cost ?
    • FREE
    • At Briercrest, our mission is to engage and equip the church and we want to
      do exactly that with Youth Quake at Home. We want to provide enough content for a full month of youth ministry so you can focus on engaging with your students and better equipping them to handle our current situation.
    • Included in the YQ at home package are four Youth Worker specific Seminars and a guidebook to walk you through the entire month.
  • How and where can we buy merch?

    We’ve created an online store for all this year’s merch. Check out www.Briercrest.shop for our new YQ21 merch line! $5 flat rate shipping and taxes are included in the prices!

  • What if my group is really small, or if I'm not a part of a youth group?

    We are encouraging people to take in YQ at Home with their youth group, family, or camp groups but you can also register as an individual. Make sure to select ‘individual’ while registering. We are encouraging smaller groups to get together with other groups in local areas (keeping in line with COVID-19 protocols, of course!) so we can learn and grow as a community. YQ at Home is an opportunity to strengthen church relationships and give the opportunity to grow deeper in relationships with Christian friends and leaders. 


Live Show

  • What is the YQ show?

    The YQ show is a show on Facebook LIVE that currently airs Thursday nights at 8:00 pm. Join us as we interview our seminar speakers to get you ready for their full seminars in February.

  • What will the show look like in February?

    The YQ show will run throughout February but will change to Sunday nights at 8:00 pm to kick off the new week’s content. Join OJ the DJ and Kait Sunday nights as we launch into each week together!


May Event

  • What is going to happen in May with YQ?

    Our hope for May is to have a smaller in-person retreat for our Grade 11’s and 12’s. We currently have 350 students studying with us on campus. We are following all of Saskatchewan’s guidelines and are hopeful for a plan to be put in place to bring a similar number of students to campus after College grade in April. Stay tuned for updates on this potential weekend retreat!